Welcome to Tulsa’s Table!


At the core, we are a pay-what-you-can community café, modeled in the style of One World Everybody Eats. Through food shared around the table, locally grown produce becomes accessible to all.  Through our desire to assist at-risk youth as they transition into purpose-filled adulthood, our learning laboratory of garden and café provide a nurturing environment where life and job skills can be obtained.  Food is a language everyone speaks.   Tulsa’s Table is the place that food brings people from all walks of life together to discover nourishment, community and purpose.


Nourishment is found in good food, grown and harvested locally in our learning laboratory garden. Built from the ground up by the efforts of the youth we serve, and powered and sustained by them on an ongoing basis, the garden supplies our cafe with the produce we need to feed the guests at our table.


Sharing food around the table builds community. Everyone must eat to live . At Tulsa's Table, we believe everyone should eat well, and have enough to flourish. Access and equity are key components of any community, and our cafe ensures that all are welcome at our table, no matter their situation or place in life.


Purpose is experienced through what Wendell Berry calls "good work" - the kind of work that connects us to our place in the world, strengthens our fellowship with others, and affirms the gifts and talents of all people. Through education and experience gained in the learning laboratories of our cafe and garden, the at-risk youth we serve have the opportunity to discover their purpose as they become empowered, self-sufficient adults through the good work they participate in.


Tulsa’s Table is unique in the way it provides a model of empowerment that emphasizes nourishment, community, and purpose for all people through food. The work we do in our cafe and garden is innovative and holds the power to create significant change for those who need it most. There is room for everyone at Tulsa’s Table; come join us in this good work.

Tulsa's Table in the community

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